Kent Tutor – Secondary School Tuition

Our specialist secondary school tutors can provide tuition in English, Maths and Science for children aged 11-18. Tutorials are normally held in one-hour sessions, but during SATS, GCSEs or coursework deadlines, most opt for two hours. Tuition can be provided on a one-one basis or as part of a small group in Tuition For You’s residence or even one-one in the comfort of your own home.

Our tutors use the latest and most stimulating material available in their lessons. Books and resources are used from well-known publishers such as BOND, CGP, Letts and we also use GL assessment, which are age appropriate and closely follow the National Curriculum and examination bodies. All materials are provided during tutorials and homework will be set at appropriate intervals- normally on a weekly basis. Homework is not designed to be a chore, but a reinforcement of the day’s learning and an aid to increase self confidence- if a pupil can learn a topic in one evening, complete the homework the next and apply this newly found knowledge in the following lesson, the pupil will feel happy and motivated and looking forward to the next topic. In preparation for exams, homework will normally be mock papers, which are marked and assessed, and then worked through again in the following tutorial.

It is very important that pupils leave secondary school, confident and academically able, ready to face the challenges that lie ahead. Most colleges/6th forms require grade 5 or above in English and Maths and at least 5 GCSE grades five or above before allowing access. Some will allow a grade 4 but we consider this a very low grade and would not provide them with the skills they need for further education.

Under the new GCSE grading system, year seven students will start at grade 1 working up to a possible grade 9 by year 11. Our aim is to ensure all students achieve at least a grade 6 but if your child is exceeding expectations, we can push them to achieve their potential at grade 9.