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Tuition For You new website!

Hello and welcome to the new Tuition For You website.

The new website is now mobile friendly so you can purchase your papers via your mobile phone. We have transferred all the products from the old site, but if you have any queries or questions please don’t hesitate in asking us using the form below. Please note that users from the old site will have to recreate their accounts. During the account process you will be asked to validate your email address. A PIN number will be sent to the email address you used on the registration form. After your purchase the download will be available to you via the ORDER section of your ACCOUNT.

We hope you enjoy your stay, and remember if you have any questions please use the form below.


Please read the latest update. No changes made at present as no one can obviously predict what is going to happen as lockdown eases. Therefore registration is open as normal and we prep the same as we have always done. If they defer the test then that’s great … but if not, we still plan to be ready for September with a lot of hard work and test practise over the summer

You will need to click on REGISTER and create a new account. You have until July 1st but please do so ASAP so you have received confirmation and can rest assured they have your details. This is the link for that…

Many parents have been asking for extra classes, just like the half term. These are always offered in the summer holidays but I may be able to offer extra within the next week or two now I have possible childcare and staff coming back to work. I will keep you all updated. We will continue to operate via zoom until government guidelines reduces social distancing or advises accordingly. As long as parents can be my eyes and check their papers as requested or drop off /email, as well as continuing to help with testing and revision, ensuring they stay on track, all will be ok 🙂