11 Plus Tuition & Preparation

As a grammar school graduate, the founder of Tuition For You was very thankful for her education at a selective school. Gaining 6 A*’s and 4 A grades at GCSE level, she knew that highly skilled teachers and their dedication and hard work played a large role in her success. It is for this reason, that Tuition For You put a huge emphasis on 11 plus preparation and revision, to ensure those with a gift or talent are able to express this and progress further at a selective school, rather than the possibility of having their potential hindered in mainstream.

Our specialist tutors provide tuition in Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning, English and Mathematics. Apart from subject matter, revision and exam techniques, time management and memory skills are also taught. The latest and most stimulating material from well known publishers such as BOND and NFER are used during tutorials, as well as our own specially created mock exam papers available to purchase from our products or by visiting dedicated and highly recommended www.elevenplusexams.co.uk.

It is recommended that pupils start preparing for the 11 plus a year before (year 5) but this may be reduced for more able pupils. If you are unsure whether your child needs extra tuition, the first session may be classed as an assessment and the tutor will be able to provide basic feedback on the skills they have seen during this time. The results will be analysed further and a formal written report will be sent home within 3 business days. This will address the child’s skills and weaknesses and the tutor will also be able to advise on the frequency and subject matter of future lessons. For example, your child may only have difficulty in Verbal reasoning, and if this is the case, we may recommend a weekly hour session in this subject only, but drawing nearer the exam, they may wish to attend tutorials on other subjects to ensure they are meeting the correct standard or increase their time to a 2 hour session to ensure all topics are covered.

All materials are provided during tutorials and homework will be set at appropriate intervals- normally on a weekly basis. Homework is not designed to be a chore, but a reinforcement of the day’s learning and an aid to increase self confidence- if a pupil can learn a topic in one evening, complete the homework the next and apply this newly found knowledge in the following lesson, the pupil will feel happy and motivated and looking forward to the next topic. In preparation for exams, homework will normally be mock papers, which are marked and assessed, and then worked through again in the following tutorial to ensure the pupil understands their errors.

As a general rule for passing the 11 plus and being in the gifted and talented sector, pupils should be working at a good Level 5 National Curriculum standard and be achieving 80-85% in their mock papers. This is only an estimate and may vary from year to year. Scores are always standardised and younger pupils will gain extra points if born after the LEA’s cut off point. For Kent LEA in 2005, to achieve an overall PASS, 70% was required in Mathematics and a standardized score of 115 in Verbal Reasoning. If you were borderline to these marks, the English comprehension and writing task were assessed, and if strong enough, a pass would be granted.

There is obviously a lot of debate concerning the 11 plus and selective school entrance tests- many think grammar schools should be abolished, but the facts are there in black and white: look at your local area league table and see if it is a grammar school taking pride at the top- normally with a 99% A-C grade GCSE pass rate. Some people will debate that children who receive extra tuition to pass their 11 plus will struggle at grammar – but if the child passes, this achievement should never be taken away from them. The grammar school accepted them because they deserved to be there; they are gifted and talented. Once pupils are achieving at this level, it is very unlikely they will go ‘downhill’, instead they will build on this until their fountain of knowledge overflows.

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